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Reply To: Living Myths for Transformation,” with futurist Kristina Dryža”


The first time I heard the expression “Joyful Sorrows of the World,” was through Joseph Campbell. This Eastern philosophy resonated a deep poignancy inside. Beautiful and painful. But I understood it. Everyone has days with height and depths. But in spite of it all there are some days, I stand out in nature and feel the wind in my hair or watch a meteor in the night or see the kindness of another person and count blessings to just be HERE on this beautiful planet…(even with all its sorrows.)

You speak of personal pain and suffering (and perhaps internal conflict as well.) it makes sense to me that looking in the mirror aspect…and now I’m much more aware of my own responsibility, when certain challenges arise.

You are so right about the need for courage! It is Vital!

And I completely agree we also need those myths as a vital living experience in all our lives!

Those stories are more than words…perhaps they are also energy?

Thank you for your essay Kristina!