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Reply To: Living Myths for Transformation,” with futurist Kristina Dryža”


You’re so right sunbug! Yes, now, in this moment, at this stage of our life, the possibilities no longer appear endless, but us – in truth – will never again be as young as we are right now. We live ‘with’ the past, never ‘in’ it. It accompanies us as an echoing, lingering memory, but we ought never to stay in it. We often have this ferocious loyalty to stewing in regret. Why? We were meant to go and get this far lost off the beaten path. To find us in this moment. Us as we are, with all our past baggage. To develop the courage to seek redemption and to question what’s beyond this temporal existence. To feel that which always is. And always will be. There’s no other way it could’ve been, nor any other way it will be. Every left turn was meant to have us turning left, no matter how much our hindsight bias tells us that we should’ve turned right.

Always love your thoughtful inputs – Kristina.