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Reply To: Living Myths for Transformation,” with futurist Kristina Dryža”


I love the term “ex-futurist” – a telling oxymoron, indicating a past focused on the future (I’ve always thought you as a bit of a paradox, Kristina, in the best possible sense).

I don’t really trust anyone who talks about ‘the future’ that doesn’t have a relationship with the collective unconscious or nature.”

This rings so true, Kristina. We live in an ensouled world – yet so many decisions that effect us and the world around us today, big and small, are made by individuals who have little sense of their own interior life, much less the inner lives of others, and don’t think to take into account that there is an interior dimension to all that exists in the material universe. The technocrats and futurists (mostly male . . . hmm) you allude to may mean well, but manage nevertheless to miss that we live in nature, and that same nature lives in each and all of us.

I am very much intrigued by your interest in ancestral trauma, and trust we will hear more in future essays.