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Reply To: Why Not Dance?” with mythologist Catherine Svehla, Ph.D.”



You might also be interested in the Pacific NorthWest tales of Raven.
In some of those, Raven appears both as Trickster and Co-creator.
In one tale raven pulls a shell out of the ocean and humans come out of it.

In another raven steals the sun, moon and stars from the hut of a magical sky being. And when raven escapes all the light falls out of the bag bringing light to all the land.  There is more to these stories but this is a short paraphrase.
Think more than one tribe share stories of raven similar to these.
As far as bringing light there’s a specific Tlingit tale..

“Raven and the Box of Daylight”

There is an article on this and a museum exhibit in National Museum of the American Indian magazine from Winter 2021.