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Reply To: Releasing the Dreamings,” with mythologist Joanna Gardner, Ph.D.”


    How might a community release its soul from false beliefs, disidentifying from myths that cause misery and harm? How might a community enter more fully into the realm of truth, beauty, and creativity?

    Hi Joanna,

    Thank you so much for Releasing the Dreaming, I loved your insights and questions, as well as your response about the soul.  I have pondered this question about the community because I am centered in a marginalized one.  Releasing the soul from a false belief is difficult when everything you see confirms the lie you’ve been told.  Our minds are powerfully creative and attracts or confirms what we believe.   So if we are told that the world is filled with lions, tigers and bears we move through the world on alert looking for lions, tigers and bears.   The news reports spots one confirming the narrative we’ve been given.  We double down on our vigilance to stay safe from those lions, tigers and bears.

    So to your question how do we release a community from the false belief, it is almost impossible.  If any evidence that supports the false claim that lions, tigers or bears the tension remains.

    This is an over simplified answer to your question, but this is a question I have sought to answer for some time.   I  thought talking about how trauma still impacts our communities and explaining epigenetics would be the answer but what haunts from the past shows up so powerfully in the present most of can not tell the difference.

    Media, advertising, education, religion and politics points to outward appearances as the barometer for how good life is or is not.  Unfortunately, when basic needs are still a daily struggle people have little concern for truth or beauty.  What is created from the pain seems to stir up more pain for those dealing with it.    Is is beauty from ashes or beauty of ashes?  Whatever it is, if it was yours it hurts.