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Reply To: Releasing the Dreamings,” with mythologist Joanna Gardner, Ph.D.”


    Upon thinking about this a little further a couple of additions might help as to why this is seeming to speak to me so profoundly. One is we have to project to be able to navigate reality, which should be “a given” if we are thinking in terms of everyday existence and how we make meaning of things. And two, is the “nature of conflict” which Jung points out is a major point of the (S)elf coming into realization of itself; (i.e. libido or psychic energy as in Enantiodromia and the “Axiom of Maria” or transcendent function unlocking what is blocking us from moving forward).

    But this brings me to the second half of life where the difference between achievement and meaning take place within the individuation process. So, what I’m attempting to ask is this: “As we navigate our uncertainty, (and our conflicts), we are projecting meaning about what we are experiencing; (and as Joseph has mentioned in reference to Jung these symbols and experiences of life we are digesting are also changing meaning because not only are we changing internally but the things around us are also evolving as well. (Stay with me.) Now we get to “Eros” and how this affects what and how we internally see ourselves.

    I’m not trying to get overly complicated about this but our individual nature or mixture of the 4 functions; (thinking-feeling-intuitive-sensation), and our introvert/extrovert expression of these are changing and we are attempting to find our psychological, emotional, and spiritual balance, as it were. (An example might be retirement for instance so everything we’ve known must now start to be reinterpreted, but the external world we must continue to navigate presents a whole different landscape and we must combine or marry the two and still keep our trajectory; or at least be able to change or go with it in a way that makes sense and not fall off our individual path we have been following.

    So back to the question concerning: “Lions, Tigers, and Bears; Oh my!” And our “Yellow Brick Road” we’ve been on as we find our way back “home”, with or without our Ruby Red Slippers. My impression is we are now on a completely different path or trajectory concerning society than we use to take for granted because many of the social and psychological supports are starting to change. Joseph called this: “A Freefall into the Future” in a number of his lectures. But some of this landscape; (i.e. concerning all this psychological darkness many people are experiencing such as these shootings); is making so many things very uncertain and scary right now; especially with Covid. Your thoughts about any of this would be most appreciated because it’s been giving me fits as I watch the news and see my landscape that I grew up in starting to evaporate! I know that we must be able to change as all this unfolds; that too is a given. But it’s sometimes difficult to find one’s moorings as these unpredictable storms wreck so much social havoc. In other words, the world seems much more uncertain than in times past, so I’m hoping for any extra clarity anyone would like to share looking ahead.

    Again, my apologies if any of this seems a bit off topic or out of place. Namaste