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Reply To: Releasing the Dreamings,” with mythologist Joanna Gardner, Ph.D.”


Joanna; I was thinking about our wonderful conversation last night and it reminded of a particular quote that came to mind about one’s inner Dragon that keeps us from following our call.

You said:

“for me two things are more important now than they have ever been before: heart-centered courage, and amor fati, or love of one’s fate — which can be challenging, to say the least. But if fati were easy, we wouldn’t have to work at loving it!

I believe we can do whatever we are called upon to do. The questions are, will we listen and hear the callings of our hearts? And when we act on them, how will we do it? Will we drag our feet, or will we dance along the way?”


So often the world tells us we are not worthy or that what we are thinking about doing may be silly or childish or that we may not measure up to others’ expectations and we continue on doing things that keep us in the village compound where it’s safe and warm and we are not challenged about our beliefs in either ourselves or the quest that may be calling us from inside. Here is another clip where Joseph shares his thoughts about our inner Dragon with Bill Moyers; again from: “The Power of Myth”.


I’m not sure but it sounds like it would address at least part of what Doro was suggesting also.

Doro said;

“Authentic is a dope place, where one gives up hamfisted connection to material and imaginary realms, and works, works hard to connect to the divine telepathic voice within.  That means working hard to disconnect from defense mechanisms, vanity, recognition and all the other unrealistic predatory illusions that detach us from the fantastic planetary showtime we so quickly reject.”


Again Joanna, thank you for your extremely helpful insights!