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Reply To: At the Party: My Selves and Sundries,” with author Kristina Dryža”


I always love a sidetrack, sunbug!

I love that idea of three on the quest! It makes me think of how the thinking, feeling and willing function each need to go on the journey, not only one of them. Or that past, present and future each have a role to play on the quest. None is more important than the other. Or body, mind and spirit. The tripartite function is crucial. Strength, courage and magic shall be the banner under which I ride out today!

To your comments on the party, my mind jumps to Jung’s ’spirit of the times’ vs. ‘spirit of the depths.’ “The spirit of the depths even taught me to consider my action and my decision as dependent on dreams. Dreams pave the way for life, and they determine you without you understanding their language. One would like to learn this language, but who can teach and learn it? Scholarliness alone is not enough; there is a knowledge of the heart that gives deeper insight. The knowledge of the heart is in no book and is not to be found in the mouth of any teacher, but grows out of you like the green seed from the dark earth. Scholarliness belongs to the spirit of this time, but this spirit in no way grasps the dream, since the soul is everywhere that scholarly knowledge is not.” ― C.G. Jung, The Red Book: Liber Novus

Reading your words I realise how much I need to empty my cup and so I don’t want to write back – just as you say, for the sake of being polite – but I will take the stillness that your words offered me and allow them to be a vitalising water. Thank you for this gift – Kristina.