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Reply To: At the Party: My Selves and Sundries,” with author Kristina Dryža”


    Kristina, please forgive my tardiness in thanking you for your very considered reply. Yes, you were “spot on” in your advice about “crossroads” as I had a feeling you would be. Last week I woke up in the middle of a dream thinking I needed to ask you about this; so, the “synchronistic” aspect was in full play. Your message was a wonderful moment of confirmation that the intuitive path I had been following was providing many of the internal answers I had been seeking, and I’m very appreciative for the time you spent in answering my query.

    For several years now my individuation quest has taken me in an entirely different direction than I could have possibly imagined, and yes, there have often been questions about where I was going. Jung says: that “conflict” is often a clue or sign that resolution is close because the transcendent function is holding the tension between two opposing forces and the question is always: “can you hold the tension?” until the “Axiom of Maria” is revealed. That 3rd thing that provides a 4th is not easy because if it was then why go through all that turmoil? Of course, as the saying goes: “the fates lead him or her that will, those that don’t they drag”. So glad and grateful I asked you, and so kind of you to respond in such a sensitive and thoughtful way.

    May your days since your return from your retreat be full of sunshine and meaning. Namaste