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Reply To: THERE and BACK AGAIN,” with MythBlast author Stephen Gerringer”


Loving this! Your responses to me and Juan are so well expressed! Very clear.
And I know what you mean about de-centering the hero…Born of Water might be overlooked for Killer of Enemies.

The Spiritual quest counts too with or without action. And what of studies of human consciousness shared? When you are with people in celebration, sharing words to songs with strangers…or be still in a forest until it’s no longer a background but a presence…or look to the stars. There has to be More than…that’s what I thought Transcendence was about.

The journeyer or journeyers are the ones who become Aware (and that’s not necessarily a muscular thing but more of a Consciousness thing)

I understand the need to look at the “distribution” end of the quest but I prefer your choice of words “integration.” The Spiritual aspects of the quests are ignored for a physical resolution. A more intellectual resolution. You mention the inner work people might do…it begins with one man…

What about the journey of a Thomas Merton and Thicht Nhat Hahn? Both very much part of communities but also with their own awakening within. And look at the ripples they caused beyond their own communities. A reintegration of the spiritual in the physical world. Another And/Both. 

You are right, The focus on the muscular hero or the greedy treasure and fame hunter has dimmed other journeys.  Of course Set Quests can draw all types…and the greedy and power seeking may jump at that chance.

The village compound and collective journeys seem to understand direct action best. And sometimes that is what is called for…but what fascinates me is sometimes the instructions the village provides to find/acquire a boon may not always be applicable in the forest adventurous or equivalent. A different awareness may be needed or learned. Unless the story follows the letter of a given structure.

So this gives me the idea of Myth itself being a trickster! A character outside of all the journeyers and characters. Sort of an outside in view.  And for certain myth could cause mayhem and havoc! It does have a way of bucking at the gates sometimes…but maybe Myth can also be a trickster by providing a different path or way to the boon and providing that outside of the village bounds and ways.
Now that could definitely complicate things. Not the way of ego of a mad scientist or blood thirsty warrior but of realization.  Myth as holy fool.

I think dawning of awareness though beautiful can be hard sometimes in a world that values action and intellectual reasoning…not that there are not values there but those other parts of the stories tied into intuition or even spontaneous compassion might be overlooked or dismissed.
It would seem to be about finding a balance.