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Reply To: THERE and BACK AGAIN,” with MythBlast author Stephen Gerringer”


I like your questions and recent reply post to Robert. But wanted to give a chance for Robert to give you a reply there so that’s why I replied here. You ask very important questions about “inner community.” And allow the room for disagreement. Very refreshing!

I think Thai Nhat Hahn deals with both inner and outer community. His thoughts on “inter-being” resonate with me.
There is something highly lovely and welcoming about his gentle approach.

Honopohno (sp) is a lovely And/Both in another way…giving to others and community and that in turn heals something internal. In other words balance. 

It’s always been interesting to see the different emphases given to various myths and stories. From Main Focus on Duty either individual or collective

Or Main Focus on instructional value

Or Focus on Compassion or Sacrifice

Or Discovery and Inspiration

Or Second Chances (or a Fall)

Or Community

Or Dream/Vision

Or Consciousness/Awareness

Or Storytelling


Its fascinating!