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Reply To: THERE and BACK AGAIN,” with MythBlast author Stephen Gerringer”


On behalf of the collective journey/s…

Maybe they too, need more of a chance

and a deeper look to appreciate the dynamics of the group or community adventures.

The reference of collaboration and teamwork or working together to achieve a worthy goal is certainly admirable!

But in the solo quests, there are all of these nuances of inner work, struggles, facing one’s fears, aligning with something deeper than surface ego and then either achieving or failing a quest (the loss or gain of a grail or awareness.)

But within the group adventures, this happens as well.
Working and Collaborating together is what the group/s do or strive to do…

But what’s Happening to Them as they work and journey together? Isn’t that part of a collective journey as much as a solo or duo one?

Stephen said something in post

# 7444 about the re-integration of an individual after individuation helping to make a stronger and more vibrant community. 

I think that vibrancy is an important part of the group/community/collective adventures, because it gives life to the communities and multiple characters in any story.
There might be a  trick with those individual quests out the village gate or even the tensions between adventurers and their society. Because those type of journeys could make the Society or Village feel like a stubborn rock that just sits still in the middle of the story. So then hero quests would definitely pull more attention…

Except when Life is seen within the village/community…then the Vibrancy Returns.

Jung’s vision/dream conjures the idea of every journey person being a builder. So that is interesting. Everyone and all are builders and the journey/goal is a Spiritual project.
I understand that collective journeys rely on teamwork and cooperation and collaboration…working together to achieve/find something important.
Yet, there is another part of the team journey, which fascinates me…

“Thinking on one’s feet.”

Yes, it sounds like the solo adventure, but sometimes in theater, improv plays a role…and in dance…not just solo but Group improv.
It’s one thing to improv by yourself and quite another to improv on the spot in tandem and to make it flow!
So what of those tales where a certain Circumstance (back to Juan’s original thought) befalls all the characters collectively? And that Circumstance might cut them off from some of the traditional avenues of solutions?
Some regular types of teamwork may work, but now there may be a call to use what is it hand, a call to improvise together…to think on the spot together, 

(yes to work through struggles and disagreements as well.)

But NOW the collective or community or small group has a chance to show the strength of the human spirit and in collaboration AND thinking together on the feet so to speak.

If anything, maybe that’s the part of those collective journeys we enjoy the most: so and so thought this…and the two of them came up with that…and now the whole group made that play, built that shelter, fooled the antagonists. Cheer the team!

Of course there are 1001 of these Circumstance Befalling tales from fantasy to sci-fi and other fiction.

And I certainly appreciate the beauty and ability of humans or communities who can come and work together and follow various blueprints.

But I’m just as impressed with community/collective adventurers, who learn how to work together when there are no obvious blueprints or the blueprints are lost in the storm.
Of course there will be conflicts, anger, and other frustrations and dramatic irony and learning curves,but when that improv does come together….YEAH!
(Unless the tv show enjoys reveling in conflict shadows indeterminately-laugh)

And as much as I enjoy individual journeys, some of my favorite parts of a story is when fave characters on another geographical side of the realm cross paths with other protagonists. Then everybody comes together.
I think the challenge for me about the collective journeys is not about everyone working together on journey together, but it’s about appreciating these collectives as something less broad and random… “collective group of humans on journey working together.”
I want to know about these humans, who they are…their village, community…and who are the humans who make up the team of adventurers?
One of the things I think we seem to relate to in team adventures is getting to know and appreciate the characters with all their different traits. And how they relate to each other. I can’t help but want to know their names, their gifts and  their flaws /idiosyncrasies.

If it’s to be a collective adventure, I want to see the Heart of the collective…not just teamwork, but friendship, compassion, thinking on the feet together, working through struggles together...not just “following set plans to a desired goal”  but the ability and creativity to make new plans together if necessary.  That’s what I enjoy.

We know humans can cooperate and collaborate together but that latter also hints that humans can create together.

Imagination and inspiration are available to groups as well as individuals. In music it takes more than one note (most of the time) for the whole song.

And maybe the old draw away from the beauty of the group adventure was a sense of a loss or lack of vitality,

The sense when a “village”  begins to feel more like moving wallpaper (extras) in a movie or story.
But to be fair there are plenty of visual stories who give “life” and energy to the villages these days.
And part of the appreciation for various villages, communities, group adventurers, fellowships, teams and so forth is appreciation for the individual people/characters who are in and part of these teams/communities.
Then, when we hear This Team/These Knights/This Community, we have the vision of the people within it.
Even in a broad Earth-from-moon view, where one cannot possibly name every person on the planet…still one can remember humans are on Spaceship Earth (along with other living beings.)

So even if we cannot name the individuals of the Collective on Spaceship Earth, we can still know the vibrant living essence of it pulsing through…humans/animals/plants trees/living ecosystem.
If we see Gaia as a living organism  then perhaps we desire the poetry for it or at least for Spaceship Earth and for the stars beckoning beyond and watching from the firmament. Or poetry for humanity.
Maybe it takes some gentle digging and dusting through the strata of the collective to see the real heart of it. Community shifts the energy…humanity shifts the energy…

It’s wonderful to do things for Community…but community is much more than one thing (local and extended.)

A person can walk through and be a part of many communities in their life or even in one day.
And it’s the people  who make up those communities, who stick with us. Regardless of whether they’re old friends or someone new we meet on the journey.

It’s sort of hard to think of the Beatles without doing a: John, Paul, George and Ringo…

But heck the groups of people we meet don’t have to be famous to stick with us. Because there is something much deeper at work. And more real.

And Yes, it may be hard in a book with numerous characters to remember every one of them…but there will be some we do.

Of course there is a beauty in sharing a smile or the kindness/help of a stranger and never knowing the name of the person.
But the connection happens.
Maybe it seems rare but every little glimmer counts. And maybe the trick is that collective or universal energy sought, somehow is already there or here just waiting to be noticed.

Trying to “make something happen” that already exists (if given awareness) might prove interesting and challenging.

Wasn’t that the issue Campbell had about “fixing the world” unintended consequences?

Though there may not be enough glimmers of awareness to convince any of us there is something already there/here waiting.

So it is humanly natural to look for logical, active solutions. Humans like the action of fixing things or making them better.
And Awareness may just not seem active enough, by itself for the practical logical mind. And in the moment world.
Even though the stories keep hinting awareness has potential barely imagined.
But those are stories and this is the world right?

But alas the world has been full of stories from the beginning in the first view of woodlands, deserts, jungles and tundra and prairies…with the light of sun, moon and stars and reflection in the sea, the rise of buildings and cities and a rickety airplane in NC…rockets to the moon and telescopes collecting galaxies to view from far away…and behemoth computers shrunk down into slips of pocket size glass predicted by Nikolai Tesla…how very strange.
And for all our concerns of an age, our earth dwarfs us in years of experience.      We are still catching up in the space of time given to us here. It’s mind blowing.
So yes we are a collective made up of many collectives or we are many hoops, part of one hoop (love the image of the flowering tree.)

But we know this because we are also Story. And it is story, which has brought all of us here to this moment and every moment yet to come.