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Reply To: THERE and BACK AGAIN,” with MythBlast author Stephen Gerringer”


My apologies Stephen. When I wrote that post originally, I was thinking exactly what you said about Exclusion by particular literal views. But it was late and I was second guessing my words (probably due to the fact I have friends from various backgrounds and faiths…so I hedged and muddied up the intent. Ah well. But I do agree with you and Joe. You made it clear again, that it is the literalness that is the issue.
So Joseph Campbell does not contradict himself. It is also the literal used at expense or harm to others that creates the tension, pain and problem.
I was thinking too subjectively, that one can feel a place is sacred without condemning others but of course that is exactly what Black Elk and Joe are doing! That’s what happens on a tired musing. Sorry about that. But I think you are right 😉 no contradiction here.