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Reply To: THERE and BACK AGAIN,” with MythBlast author Stephen Gerringer”


That’s probably my fault Juan. For some reason, I posted three in a row or almost …so am thinking I am the one who needs Ariadne to snip my threads! *laugh.* Too many tangents sunbug!

But just in case anyone would like to see your (Juan’s) latest muse again…here it is…

without a circumstance there is no hero.” -Juan 

Love this Juan! Very clear and succinct.

And Beautiful…:-) I believe Stephen said it rings true and I agree!

here is Juan’s Quote

Juan: . “It has been said that heroes are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. This points out, to me, to the relational nature of the heroic act. Without a circumstance, there is no hero. The individual or ego alone is never the hero, nor initiates, motivates or is the source of the quest. In fact, it could be argued that the individual has to break out of the ego shell before he/she becomes the hero. This is what the initial resistance to the call describes, in my view. The ego does not want to go there. The call to the heroic quest comes to the individual not from the ego but from a dimension that transcends it. That is why, when accepted, it is transformative.”