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Reply To: THERE and BACK AGAIN,” with MythBlast author Stephen Gerringer”


    Sunbug, thank you for addressing this. Yes, I agree with both you and Juan for the clarity concerning his point: “without a circumstance there is no hero”.

    I started to add something about this but stopped and went back and erased it because this thread has gotten so large it’s easy to get confused; (which I obviously did in my mix-up). I realized if I waited this issue might clear up. (But Sunbug, I don’t think it’s necessarily because you contributed a lot of entries; more a nature of the beast as it were. Plus, I think looking back I could have been a bit clearer in what I was saying.)

    “WordPress” as a provider for this version of CoaHO isn’t really constructed in the same way that the old CoaHO was; (which was built for multi-person dialogue and carried a huge load of discussions all going on at the same time complete with multiple moderators overseeing for any help that might be needed). Saying that, I think we are extremely fortunate that Mark and Stephen and others in the Foundation have seen fit to put heart and soul into keeping this format alive and have done an excellent job.

    Yes, it’s a bit difficult to keep track of who said: what – where and when if a topic begins to carry or contain a lot of posts, which this one has, and I think we just have to be more aware as a topic grows with more participants and entries this possibility is going to be a concern we need to keep in mind. So far, I think this is one of the larger MythBlast topics to date. But I personally love all the input.

    One other thing I think that’s important to keep in mind is this is not idle chit-chat going on but deep dives into dissecting complex subject matter, and not necessarily easy to sort through or keep up with. This not Facebook thank goodness, and glad to have a place such as this to engage in thought-provoking material you are rarely going to find on social media. (Just saying.)