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Reply To: The New Old Age” with Monica Martinez, Ph.D.”


    Monica, you may have missed my reply above these last couple of days; but if you will please check your private messages box because I found a PDF of Jacoby’s book: “Shame and the origins of self-esteem”; along with a short clip of him and Murray Stein at a Jungian seminar you may find of interest. Jacoby’s book: “The Analytic Encounter – Transference and Human Relationship” is highly regarded, and Stein goes on to describe part of this theory in the last half of the clip. You may already be familiar with much of this anyway as an analyst; but I thought it interesting enough to show both Jacoby and Stein together since there is so little footage of Jacoby that I could find.

    Apparently, Jacoby also knew James Hillman as well, but I don’t have anything further I can share at the moment about that. (Since most of this information is not specifically about Joseph Campbell, I posted the material there.)

    Again, thanks for your sharing all your thoughtful insights and I’ll look forward to hearing your impressions at some point when you are able to stop by.) Namaste