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Reply To: The New Old Age” with Monica Martinez, Ph.D.”


Dear James,

Thank you for your message (my apologies for the delay in answering). It is indeed a rich colaboration to the discussion.

You know, that is why my favorite Campbell´s book is “The Masks Of God Vol. 04 Creative Mythology”. I read it in Portuguese, so the translation back to English might not be exactly the words he used, but I guess the idea goes through:

It is where Campbell says:

In the context of a traditional mythology, symbols are presented in socially preserved rites, through which the individual must experience or simulate having experienced certain perceptions, feelings and commitments. In what I call “creative” mythology, on the other hand, this order is inverted: the individual has an experience of his own – of order, horror, beauty, or even mere joy – which he seeks to convey through signs; and if your experience had any depth and meaning, your communication will have the value and force of a living myth – obviously for those who receive it and react to it on their own, with empathy, without impositions. (CAMPBELL, 2010, p. 20).

Here Campbell meets Jung again, who thought there is no more important work that an individual can do than being whole, so he/she can help others simply by being who he/she truly is. Easy to say, hard to do.

Warm regards,