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Reply To: The New Old Age” with Monica Martinez, Ph.D.”


Hello Raghavgoswami,

And it is indeed difficult for us to see our parents aging, insn´t it?

As per your question to you, I am not sure if I were a 25-year old again (who felt older too back then) I would do anything different than I did. I suppose that Campbell and Jung would say it is about going through life with conscience of its stages, but not being afraid to make mistakes and moving forward if we do. We always make mistakes, it’s part of life, we are human. How we dust ourselves off and move on is what makes the difference. Anyway, being a child when children, being young when young, being an adult when adults and, finally, being a wise old man or wise old woman when the time comes to be so. No shortcuts. It’s not a definitive answer, I know, and it is open to dialogue, but it’s the one I would give myself if I were 25 today. Living the present moment, that is the bless.

Warm regards,

Monica Martinez