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Reply To: The Beautiful, Hidden Harmony of Chaos,” with futurist Kristina Dryža”


Thanks for indulging my tangent, Kristina. I appreciate the way you make a distinction between chaos and market or industry disruption. That raises interesting questions about how an existing institution makes room for creative disruption – but that would indeed take us far afield.

Returning the topic of chaos as precursor to creativity, my sense is that chaos, in the alchemical sense, suggests formlessness – everything swirling about, which can be especially disconcerting in terms of one’s personal circumstances – while creativity, in a sense, gives form to that formlessness

. . . or, at least, to a portion of that formlessness.

Seems to me in addition to developing the sense of wu wei you mention in your essay, it would be beneficial to have a container in which that formlessness can take shape (drawing on the alchemical metaphor). Ritual fulfills that function for me: establishing a sacred space and activity that provides a safe setting for me to give free rein to the flux.

Sometimes that’s an elaborate ceremony with sage and incense and candles and drumming and chanting, and sometimes it’s just sitting quietly and observing what’s stirring within.  Just by observing and reflecting, the sense of turbulence calms and I can see what wants to emerge.