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Reply To: Dune: Breakthrough as Breakdown of the One,” with Norland Telléz, Ph.D.”


Hello, my 2 cents worth:

The fact of my life and most people is that we do extraordinary things, like saving lives, but that does not make us special, or better than others. What you do and what you accomplish may be amazing and extraordinary, like saving lives, but the thing is anyone can, for the most part, do that as well. They only need to choose to step up and do it. But the sad fact is that most do not. I speak not of emergency responders, but ordinary people who step up when there is a need to do so. Sometimes stepping up saves people’s lives because you noticed and you acted. Something as simple as driving someone to the hospital when you saw the need and knew it would not be met unless you acted. Not a hero doing heroic things, just a human doing humane things. The trick is to not let the ego run with the notion that acting with humanity and saving a life somehow elevates you to someone extraordinary. Yes, you did something special, but nothing better or more so then what anybody else could or would do. Perspective. I find one must always realign our perspectives of ourselves to avoid the trap of self-aggrandizement.