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Reply To: Dune: Breakthrough as Breakdown of the One,” with Norland Telléz, Ph.D.”


Stephen when you mention the hero myth as something deeply ingrained in the human psyche. I wonder if something else could be at work or play there?

Maybe something, which points back to the horizon?
IF it is not misunderstood or misused?
And maybe there is a need for the horizon or a larger or different view to bring awareness and realization.
And come back to that old saw of gods and men pointing beyond themselves.
And thus come to the realization of being a part of something larger than oneself or even one’s village.

Seems like the myths take one and all beyond many borders. Both “real” internal/external  and “metaphysical.”
As well as beyond emotions (anger/fear/judgment)  and that trickster, “Ego.”

To me, they Invite Awareness of The Aha moment, that both might bite into the psyche and set free.
Not by harm or control but by Awareness.
Sorry if this is a bit disjointed. Wrote something longer and decided to replace it with something short.
So maybe there is some need  to look to the Horizon but our psyches at times play this out as hero quests? Until we perhaps come to realization the Awareness is available to all, each and everyone?