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Reply To: Dune: Breakthrough as Breakdown of the One,” with Norland Telléz, Ph.D.”


Thank you Norland for your nice response!

When you write: I think Stephen would also agree that it is not so much a problem with the archetypal-mythic energy called “heroism” but with a specific ideological form of the hero, the form of the One. For this is such a One containing the split within itself.

That last line “the split within oneself,” conjured another image/thought/idea:

“The psychopath.”

And you may not have intended that…but somehow that line just evokes the idea to me.

I think it’s interesting too and will try to not stray too far: but in another book The One is also a Ring (or a dark creation an anti-boon with an essence of the Dark One’s sick personality forged into it to lure and destroy)

It sounds like the Bene Gesserit are also making a creation “the one,” but in the form of Paul Atreides.
Though from comments here and the essay it sounds as if Paul is both “the One and the creation/the lure.”

Wonder if trouble with the collective is that there is positive potential there waiting to be noticed but if a collective is trapped, then that becomes difficult.

So just to me it seems that a potential of a collective is it’s Awareness.
Without awareness the Collective remains trapped but with it maybe there is a chance?
And wouldn’t the Hope be kind of a Eucatastrophe? An overall wake up?
Not to be too purple but even Yellow Submarine cartoon…Gray Pepperland hears music and eyes open and color returns to the world.

But in reality I guess it might happen in smaller numbers. Alas!

And I think you are right there is a difference in heroism and those who metaphorically strut or present as “Heroes.” After all the one who says he is the Buddha is not.

Almost changed the idea of the collective giving power to the One but after reading your response, it still fits.

Might have added that collective belief supports The One as well. Maybe not just to prop the One up because if they are like a psychopath they have plenty of esteem. But rather they need the collective to um remain “unaware,” so that’s why they spend so much time in the Controlling God/Savior position.

The other warnings I might see are the clever use of Illusion, Dishonesty and False Promises. Including “a greater good which is anything but.” And the secondary dark forces, which might rise beneath the One.

And yes thankfully we are not quite to the Coliseum state yet! Yikes!

A thought provoking essay for sure!