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Reply To: Riddle Me This,” with mythologist John Bucher, Ph.D.”



    Great MythBlast , Thank you !

    I thoroughly enjoy Joyce , puerile and comedic as he is, especially the “naughty bits”.

    I like the Sphinx riddle. The three legs of old age the stages of life. Birth life death, infancy middle then old age. The legs we stand on in old age.

    The cane the walking stick the staff that symbolizes the unique journey of an individual life. It grows organically tempered by time place trauma success . Solidifies concretizes in old age informed by the choices we’ve made , lessons we’ve learned in life. The stick that aides us with our limp. It implies the trinity , the “Three quarks for Muster Mark! / Sure he hasn’t got much of a bark / And sure any he has it’s all beside the mark.”  , and begs the next step back to the quaternary for completion. The four sides of the classical mandala . The four levels of interpretation of scripture , the four levels of Pardes , the four levels of consciousness,etc. etc.

    superpositioning of interpretations is grand ! Isn’t it ? The narrative of the quanta ! of mythic Light internal external eternal !

    The Sphinx riddle begs one to look beyond the simple answer, add to it with ones own insight.


    I like the four visible Sphinx legs showing in the header Art of the myth blast. A mirror image completed with a looking glass ? Implying six legs   alluding to the coach with six insides ?

    Lots of fun to follow streams of consciousness when talking Joyce , riddles & Open ended answers that leave room for subjective interpretations!  Riddles bring back the Mystery to life … of life … To seek the answer is to confront the Mysterium tremendum et fascinans .



    Stephen the building with the most stories ? Is of course our Fathers House within which are many mansions within which are many rooms within which are many stories  ! Each a unique story ! A strand of narrative string theory in a infinite woven tapestry Making up the One House !  May your mansion be full ! Yet alway remain open to more stories , more interpretations !!! As the strand of your life is comprised of all you’ve read of all you’ve written of all you’ve encountered of all you’ve been influenced by of all you’ve influenced so is the strand of Everyone woven into a mythic membrane … A shared dream perception of reality … While walking on Sandy Mount Strand… Oh those membranes those diaphanes !!!