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Reply To: Riddle Me This,” with mythologist John Bucher, Ph.D.”


    Oh Sunbug; thank you so much for the way you opened this out for now we can start to explore the world of the “Trickster God”; the world of Fairytales and magic and solving riddles that refer to the psyche’s ability to dance back and forth between worlds. The Joker, (the Court Jester who always toed the line between humor and poking fun at egos but was tolerated because he served an important function lest things get out of hand). Indeed, Desiderius Erasmus wrote one of the most important literary works of European literature called: “In Praise of Folly”; which was a very short book about a Jester-like figure full of political dynamite because it tread the very fragile line between “church and state” with humor; (otherwise known then as the Catholic Church and the Right of Kings); and you could lose your head along the way by poking fun at either. He managed both with this book later opening the door to debates with Luther on what constitutes; “Free Will”.

    The Tricksters realm of Clowns and riddles contains all sorts of doorways into man’s inner world. “Sanity” itself often looks for answers here as well from childhood tales of: Aesop’s Fables, Mother Goose, Hans Christian Anderson, or Brother’s Grimm to the final Dark “Exit” Gate; And we all use Guardian spirits to help guide us through our own inner sanctuaries to the light world of what we call “reality”; (or: “aren’t they really the same thing?” sometimes as Shakespeare often reminds us throughout his many plays and sometimes “conjures” up: “The Poet” as well. (But why do we always want to play?) I think is an interesting question as well.

    (Oh; and don’t we love to dream and play with the characters we meet along the way). Speaking of: “Tolkien, and “Lord of the Rings” here is a beautiful link that was shared with us back in the older CoaHO Forums years ago. But be forewarned about entering this incredible multi-layered world; although being known as a “Tolkien” reference resource; it’s magic spell will pull you into it with some people being lost for days at time; some even much longer than that. And like Alice’s rabbit hole, looking glass, or Dorothy’s: “Magic Red Slippers” from the: Land of Oz; you may not want to return, but you’ve been through an ordeal to bring back the Boon of adulthood. Star Wars has this same type of realization too; of atonement with the father, with Luke rescuing his father from the dark side but also himself as well. These tales as children teach us valuable lessons that we must learn to incorporate further down the road; (but we must all return sometime from the world of enchantment and make-believe to the grownup world of responsibilities and nightmares that must be faced, and dealt with, and learned from; and then maybe we have brought something worthwhile back to share with others as we continue on to our journeys’ end).