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Reply To: Riddle Me This,” with mythologist John Bucher, Ph.D.”


I think the Ulysses excerpt was provided by Robert. But Thank you Robert for that as well! I enjoyed it very much too!

So one other question?

Would “Hink Pinks” and their ilk be considered as “semi-riddles?”

Hinky Pinky: What does one call a philosophers “walk?”

“A Campbell Amble.”

(of course a talk might be a ramble, but in all due respect I love those “rambles.” This is just in good fun. As I have great respect for Joe Campbell.)


Hink Pink: What does one call an “Irish Novelist and Poet’s fancy car?

“A Joyce Royce”


Hinky Pinky: What does one call a puzzling violin?

“A Riddle Fiddle”


Hinkity Pinky: What does one call a peculiar “Hobbit?”

“A Baffling Halfling”