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Reply To: Riddle Me This,” with mythologist John Bucher, Ph.D.”


Hey Robert – I accidentally posted this reply to Sunbug rather than you  (I became confused as to who posted what!), so am copying it here:

I very much enjoyed the excerpt of the Proteus chapter you posted above. I have found that Joyce’s work speaks most clearly to me when I read them aloud – not just Ulysses, but the Wake as well. Getting a sense of the rhythm slows the read and allows the images to form and soak my soul.

In a recent Joseph Campbell Pathways podcast (the September 15 bonus episode on “Mythic Themes in the Work of Mann and Joyce”) Joe begins by regaling the audience with his recitation from memory of the entire first page of Finnegans Wake – a tour de force that sheds light on how to read this seemingly daunting work.

(Of course, the sounds of surf, seagulls, and musical soundtrack in your selection do enhance the experience.)