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Reply To: Myth-oh!-logies of Re-turning” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”



    Thank you for the interesting MythBlast !

    Tim again finished again time again for Tim Finnegan !!! And so the new year begins with the  Finnish  of the old. Time. We all were born must die alone… The River of time runs …  “A lone a last a loved a long” … “riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.” Howth? You might ask? By streams of consciousness and dreamscape narrative that babble on in towers of mind caught  lullabied by the din of dying Spenglerian civilization. Tis it a Christening, a baptism of Christ, a birth, a burial, a wake ? Or what ? A seasonal solar, mineral, vegetable, animal,  musing ? So long as there are humans so long as there are nature’s cycles the Time shall always return to Finnish again an epoch and start anew with what brook of truth … “Verum esse ipsum factum” … has flowed to us anew a song that babbles as old as time … Here Christ Exists (HCE) in hysterical splendor laughing with the Saints in need of a hystericalectomy !

    Tim is Finn , time is finished , history is finished , history is hysterical . When prehistory is historic. When posthistory is posthumously humorous. When metahistory is/was established the end of time was/is breached, conceived. The spirit , the soul , the body , knew its worth simultaneous congruent love. The narrative of the many has converged at the One’s rainbow end in some metaphysical metaphor of refracted Light separated into the kundalini of the Cosmos. Find rest at the Wake. Rest awoke in the stillness of hysteria … We have finished again … Thus spake the encore … “hinc ad horam” … ReJoyce !