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Reply To: Myth-oh!-logies of Re-turning” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”


Love this! And puns are fun!

Promise not to go Non-suezzsensical here!

What a beautiful ritual of light…St. Lucia! Learned a few years back a little more about her thanks to working on an around the world youth Christmas show with a friend. That’s really lovely!

Speaking of Luci and puns and alliteration…when I read Joyce words referenced in your essay such as Lit-airily…I cannot help but think of John Lennon. Ok so that’s the Lucy ref

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

However, I am not just thinking in terms of music lyrics, but the two books of “word play” and puns, which Lennon penned. In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works. 

  And yes, I am well aware he took inspiration from Lewis Carrol. So one can go all into jabberwacky land with that.

But maybe Joyce influenced too.

I can feel a familiarity in the style just from the few Joyce lines given.
Even though the Lennon puns have an aserbic flavor…still it was and is fascinating to me.
And I attempted several wordplay stories/sentences of my own. A little less aserbic. And it was delightfooly wanderful to do so!
Of course it can be confusing too…but I agree…it’s lovely to be able to laugh and not let the seriousness or heavy storm clouds blinker the eyes in despair.

Maybe that lightness of laughter itself brings clarity?
So wood like to think you verity mulch far dis inspir-sational pun-tastic essay on James the Joyous!