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Reply To: Myth-oh!-logies of Re-turning” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”


Ah yes illusions…pardon my slip back into “pepper land”: “Nothing is Real,” 

“It’s all in the mind y’know.”

But yes, yes, yea to wonder!

The door or window, which opens to the infinite. (Point beyond/transcend?)

Brings one back home, but with “different eyes.” Moon to Earth and all.

I think that is the message and memory my Mother left most with me in relation to study of the stars. (Wonder!)

She was an Astronomer and artist and some of her paintings reflect the wonder of the experience of beholding the stars.
For her even more important than the lectures was sharing the human experience of seeing those nebulas through a telescope or other objects with the naked eye.
As for Levity (love the Hegel pun!)

She told me stories of her call to adventure in the astronomical realm. And the professor who brought inspiration to it…and there were definitely stories of Levity and Laughter there! *chuckle* But perhaps it kept the wonder and clarity alive.

With the “puncture-ality of pain” “fretfullness” of “fear” and the “right-suchness” cer-taint-ty of rage.

Oh dear! That is off the page!!

And Oh! the gratuitous, gravitation of it through-all!

One longs for Levity indeed! A way around to wonder and the possible once more! Unfettered and unbound by the certitude of shadows.

A litany of laughter lightens the load, to walk the road.
Yet with compassion in tow…for must confess, the drum of Duress is difficult to impress, wounded by its sorrowed  heaviness and is approached best with gentleness.

But must agree that to Re-Joyce brings a wonder of healing levity! (And clarity)

Laughter takes the tenseness away.

Reminds of the mess, left in the wake of tension and stress.

So here is to the wonder of the infinite possible! And here is to Re-joyce!

Thank you Mark! 🙏