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Reply To: Myth-oh!-logies of Re-turning” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”


    Hello 1mark1,

    Yes !

    Timegan , Time-again   ,  can we spit that out spatially as a word ? As in the beginning?? Spit writ fallen buried on a page to be woken when spoken a Wake that reverberates oscillates from center stage.

    Though I do think it 6000 years of His-Story if we use the good Bishop Usher’s chronology to delegate the beginning of history and time to the invention of written language . October 23, 4004 BC. . The date the Tree of Knowledge took root … Before that all was prehistory. It is written in the wind and the Wake that moves upon the deep. But that’s all hystory NOW !!! We have the 13.8 Billion year Big Bang ex nihilo narrative. Th God of the gaps !!! Slipping through the Symplegades one Arced second ship at a time .

    And Lucy that Ginger of Commodius Light that genetic Eve named by the Leakey’s in honor of a Beatle’s song playing on the radio when she was aWakened in the great Rift Valley . Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The name sutra suits her. A Diamond Sutra. Delivered by a beatle a Scarab ! What would Jung think ??? She came in through the bathroom window A rap rap rapping like a Raven of Odin !!! A Blackbird singing in the dead of night , Here Comes The Sun for the winter solstice on some EastCoast pier in paradise …

    Goo goo g’joob !!!

    Robert R Reister