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Reply To: Returning to the Void,” with mythologist Norland Telléz, Ph.D.”



Thank you so much for sharing this!

Lovely! I am sure many here will enjoy seeing this “blueprint” (blue print only because it’s currently unpublished) of your work!
I certainly have!
More poetry for certain and color!
The idea and vision of Plumed serpents has always been fascinating.

Though originally, I only had knowledge of Quetzalcoatl.
And (he) seemed such a literally “color-full” character.
Or maybe having a beautiful little South American buddy, a bright green Quaker parrot named Jeremy (born stateside)

Also marked the bird part of the image in my mind. 🙂
Jeremy lived to be 24, a few months shy of his 25th birthday. (2018)
And he was the most adaptable little guy. It was amazing! Even in previous years, when he went traveling with me.
Cheerful too.  Felt like i could  learn a lot from that bird! He also had quite the vocabulary!

The primordial waters of the void leave this wonderful paradoxical mystery in the mind: how they simultaneously “exist,” yet are empty.
Have sound? (But are silent?)

Give birth but are Void?

And “where all is in suspense,”

somehow physics comes to mind too…

The top of the pendulum (potential energy-contained-waiting)

And then the kinetic realization or act of Creation/s, which follow. Watched over by colorful plumed beings.

with the “womb of sky,” it’s hard not to imagine a metaphor of a primordial “goddess,” or “sleeping goddess,” (since this story begins in the mysterious “realm of the void.” A realm, which appears to contain “the opposites within it?” (Simultaneously being and “not being.”) But maybe because the void represents a “potential,” of/for creation and potential “energy,” that it “stands alone,” or remains “beyond?” the characterization of the Creators (male and female?)

That the womb is a symbolic metaphor? In the same way “ideas” can have “birth?”
More akin to Athena born from the head?
But different by being a place of “potential energy,” which both is and is not?
And that place waits for The Creators and Formers to make the vision real.

It is funny because just occurred that potential energy is (both still and yet still contains energy) similar to the void.

Well thank you again!