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Reply To: The Hero of Yesterday Becomes the Tyrant of Tomorrow””


Thank you for your lovely  response Stephen!

As for B&B it was an introduction to poetry…my Mother introduced me to Robert Frost (his poetry) so she was the first call to be fair…and Shakespeare

But the treasures I found in the subterranean world of Vincent were:

Not only more Frost and Shakespeare, but Dylan Thomas, William Wordsworth, Oscar Wilde, Tennyson, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Keats, and Renoir Marie Rilke.
So I went on my own quests into libraries and bookstores to “find” these wordsmiths and their poems. And in the process found more poets and poems. (Gerard Manly Hopkins for one.) In some way it was the sound of words and how they were woven together  that called me even more than the writers!

You are the 2nd person in two days, who has mentioned “Don’t look up.” So think I might watch that soon.


It is interesting how early on in some stories, the idea of hero definitely has that “this vs that” Good guy vs Bad Guy.
And it’s quite understandable how that can make an impression for everyone at very young ages. For sure!

What I loved and love about Joe Campbell’s perspective is how the “Story” is brought back into play. The journey-the lessons on the journey-the new views or perspectives.

As you have said, not all the journeyers who become heroes in others’ eyes later, even have that in mind when first called to adventure!
And those journeyers seemed to me to represent a potential within all of us…

If one looked deeper, one might see that deeds do not have to be Big to be great.

George Reeves?
That is heart breaking Stephen…very painful 😥 especially for a child to find out! That fragility of life…

Christopher Reeves was not invulnerable either 🙁

But he used what time he had to make a difference…

The way I see “heroes” and journeys and stories has continued to grow over time.

I’ve begun to see “hero/s” or journeyer/s as something which represent/s a universal point/or points of “awareness,” or even shift in consciousness…

Something which is a reflection of a potential within all…which may only be sleeping.

I know Brad’s essay left me with other thoughts and questions but am hoping others will jump into this discussion as well!

Thank you Stephen! 🙂