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Reply To: The Child of Symbolic Disguise,” with Norland Téllez, Ph.D.”


On the point of misunderstanding what one sees where images and archetypes are concerned…

I love the idea of “the myth being the hero.” (As mentioned in this essay.)

Joseph Campbell was definitely a call of adventure to the mind and something deeper.

After I had read Campbell, the idea of myths or “hero” stories simply being about the good guy defeating the bad guy was a peculiar concept.
The word, myth now conjured much more than that.
Words, which came to mind were: Journey, experience, learning, transcendence, Awareness, Surprise, the Unexpected, shadow, trials, integration, healing, universal consciousness.

So it always baffles me when I read other interpretations today of myths that reduce the context to the good guy vs the bad guy.

For me I thought it was about The Journey and figures who represent the  potential within all of us.
The goal of the myths in my mind was never about someone becoming a hero.
It was about the journey to me. And we all face journeys every day.
To me the becoming a hero was a “side effect” of the journeys. People could do heroic deeds or find their courage but even small deeds can be heroic.
And maybe I wonder if the whole integration process of the myths was more about becoming fully human and universally aware than just waiting to be titled a “hero?”

Yes, I like the idea of myth as the hero very much.