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Reply To: The Child of Symbolic Disguise,” with Norland Téllez, Ph.D.”


Norland, something “dawns” on me in that long quote you provided.

This was exactly the sense I had in the Parzival myth with the Grail king. Not going to stray too far.
Something was “dawning” on Parzival on his quest but the first time round he ignored it and “refused the call.” Then after given a 2nd chance, the “dawning” finally “came home,” to Parzival. And the rest was myth-history…the land was healed.

You point out in the long quote you gave, that this does not come by manipulation, push, pull or violence.
But instead, one is overwhelmed and moved by consciousness.
To me, this seems a return to Campbell’s emphasis of the experience of myth… something that lit a spark in so many readers.
Maybe it pulls one to the edge (or an abyss) The trick is to find one’s balance but sometimes one might fall first in order to learn balance (for the appreciators of Jean Erdman and of dance—-grin) or martial arts for those who appreciate that.

And then there is the  integration…

Even a sunset can be overwhelming…when one is fully aware of it…

I was reading Thicht Nahn Hahn and was fascinated by a word he had coined “inter being.”
It seemed like a metaphor for a connection of everything. He used a page of one of his books for example and said that everything was in it from sun to the rain…that helped the tree to grow… and the logger was in it and the wheat he ate…
And that both  he (Thicht Nahn Hahn) and the reader were in it, because of the words on the page being shared. 

It made me pause when I read it…

Even though things and people are far apart, there is still connection and it cannot be helped…it just is. That’s what it seemed to say to me.
And that’s why the “dawning” and “coming home,” and being “overwhelmed by consciousness,” are such wonderful thoughts!
In the Parzival grail myth, I always had the impression of “spontaneity,” the 2nd time around. And that is exactly what those words of “dawning and coming home” conjure in my mind.
I know that story isn’t the only example of that past or present and maybe not even the strongest example.   But there is something really beautiful about “spontaneous compassion.”

After I read your quote on “Being,” Thicht Hahn’s word “inter-being” came to mind.

Here is your quote below:

For Being means being with and for one another, not a being in the atomized individuality of a self-centered conscious

So I was curious what you thought of that coined term: “inter-being?”

In the midst of working out those conflicts and tensions, might “inter-being” provide an awareness of a different perspective? A perspective, which “brings home” an awareness of that connection and “Being” we all share? Something which might inspire us both spontaneously and compassionately?

And speaking of being “struck,” something else struck me. The creation myth of the Popul Vuh. The creation by “lightning,” instead of “light.”
And now we have that metaphor of being “struck by something.”
Well lightning definitely “comes home,” too. And maybe the sense of being struck could also relate to being overwhelmed by consciousness.
It’s almost like the lightning metaphor is the current for being awake to being.
  Went off track again but the Popul Vuh is very cool.