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Reply To: The Child of Symbolic Disguise,” with Norland Téllez, Ph.D.”


Robert & Norland,

I am very much enjoying your exchange (Robert – I especially appreciate your description in your first post in this thread about cultivating “sustained engagement” with a mythological image over one’s lifetime, rather than arriving at a firm and hard set interpretation of that image, though my sense is that Norland does not really take issue with that stance).

Just in case the reference gets lost amid the discussion, I’d also like to thank you, Robert, for bringing up The Innateness of Myth: A New Interpretation of Joseph Campbell’s Reception of C.G. Jung, by Dr. Ritske Rensma. Ritske, like Norland, was the recipient of Joseph Campbell Foundation research grant that allowed access to Campbell’s archives, and he was a very active participant in an earlier iteration of Conversations of a Higher Order, where he spent much time working out and sharing some of the core ideas included in that work.  (Here is a link to one such entry: unfortunately, the dates and the order of discussion entries are incorrect – one of the many reasons we eventually shuttered that version of COHO: ).

I heartily recommend Ritske’s rigorous, well-researched volume to all Campbell scholars.