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Reply To: Rocking New Year’s Eve,” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”


There are so many interesting insights here. I want to wander on all these paths!
But first on Chronos/Kronos and the Old and New Years…

It seems like many people had trepidation entering this new year.

This reminded and reminds me to be humbly thankful for the small blessings I have, especially knowing that everyone is experiencing everything from different places. And it’s certainly not easy!

For example now just with the winter storms it’s different for my friends in the big cities. And snow pushed up against cars on the sidewalk. And I know what it’s like for them in smaller apartments.

But for my part I have felt very thankful to have a space of nature. Not that storms don’t happen and also take preparation.

But when it comes to the bigger storms, the ones which conjure Kronos in the mind. For me the rhythms and beauty of nature have helped balance all the circling thoughts in my mind.

Or even cleared the clinging cobwebs of uncertainty and worry…well sometimes. Grin.

Even being out in the cold on a snowy day felt good. Or gathering wood when cold winter winds are determined to blow back the hood of my winter coat.

Of course the mind will come back to do its circling eventually hee hee.

So Mark you ask about the “stone” we might give Kronos. And I was thinking about that this morning.
Chronos/Kronos inspire Fear. And in the case of the innocent image of the old man in the rocking chair with the scythe, perhaps it could represent the fear that takes one by surprise…hidden in that at first unassuming image.

Since Kronos eats his children and there are other metaphors in this essay of “being eaten alive” or not wanting “to be eaten alive” by the old year, it reminds me of another sentence “being eaten alive by fear.”
So I wonder if it is fear of the Old Year which conjures trepidation about the new one?
That “Kronos” will swallow this year as well? (And as you suggest Mark fear of Chronos as the time aspect also fits neatly into this metaphor.)

Could the fear, which Kronos inspires  be what “eats alive?”
There is certainly very real and understandable cause today to bring fear.


Being aware of “Kronos” and not blind is wise. The guy in the rocking chair is still holding a very sharp dangerous implement after all!

But when fear becomes “all consuming”   it can become almost paralyzing and then the ability to acknowledge the fear calmly even when one is afraid, or to face it or transmute it or integrate it? Or to keep focus, keep peace or calm even in trying situations  (in spite of the fear, while still acknowledging it)  Becomes or feels almost impossible because one is frozen. Or “eaten alive.” The fear is in control or “Kronos” is.

But I’m not sure the fear is something to be destroyed. If transmuted into awareness would it keep us on our toes and open-eyed? Be ready for any eventuality including that old guy jumping out of his chair?

But maybe it’s the “paralyzing” consuming fear, which is the problem?
It does not help us (it eats us alive.)

And could it be metaphorically said that old Kronos gives us this “eating alive fear,” since that seems to be his specialty?

And then there is the “stone” traded for Zeus. What if the stone could represent “fear?”

All those metaphors of fear a “sinking feeling?”

Something “weighting” down?

Sounds stony to me.

So maybe the stone is the paralyzing fear, which Kronos gives us and which eats us alive like him?

And returning the stone to Kronos is a way of both acknowledging the fear but choosing not to be eaten alive by it?

Return to sender. No thanks you can keep it Mr. K.

Though fear might also make some feel the opposite of weighted down more scattered and nervous drifting aimlessly and afraid. Without an anchor.

So maybe then the “stone” also has a different effect of fear? Or maybe it’s simply just a stone! Heh heh.

As for baby Zeus could he represent an open-eyed New Year not tethered to “paralyzing Kronos fear?” But since he carries lightning bolts just a reminder to keep our eyes open and be aware?

Of course I could be off my rocker on all this. 😂 Sorry horrible joke!

In the meantime since Stephen mentioned a rainbow group, at the risk of sounding a 2nd generation Beatles person…I decided to not walk into this New Year blind or without an invisible cloak or coat of love. Yes there is the purple metaphor but for now for me it works as well as trying to lean into the light just a little. Or sunshine when it’s there. Peace to All. 🙏