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Reply To: Rocking New Year’s Eve,” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”


Hey sunbug,

Rollicking good stuff all of that.  And now you have me wondering about fear… going back to Kronos, I’m remembering that it’s Kronos who’s afraid, afraid of the child destined to overthrow him — which is why he eats ’em up… except for Zeus — and he ate a stone instead of his child?

You could make a mistake like that pretty easily if you were swallowing hard and fast without chewing… fearful of letting the new have even a moment of life.

So maybe we’re not just talking about the New overthrowing the Old but about the attempt of the Old to prevent the New.

Hm.  I do that all the time. :^)

Oh, wait a sec!  Kronos had reasons to be fearful of those lightning bolts  (although Zeus doesn’t get those until later when Hephaestus hammers them out for him)  BUT back to Sticky Haired Ogre!

Sticky Hair decides to NOT eat Prince Five Weapons after the young, not-quite-yet-Buddha tells the Ogre that he carries a 6th weapon — a thunderbolt — in his tummy.

Boom.  Okay, too many coincidences. :^)

Oh, and I did what I usually do first –> went back and checked on the etymology of “petra” (stone).  “Unknown origin but related to rocky ridges.”  Whew.  Wow… um….

Grin.  Everyone sitting down?

My favorite online Etymological dictionary ( notes that the term petra is often

“Used of certain bones, especially of parts of the temporal bone.”

Oh good grief.

Okay, I’m over my head now.  Somebody jump in on this!