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Reply To: Rocking New Year’s Eve,” with Professor Mark C.E. Peterson”


Well said, johnsroost (love that cybermoniker – both unique and comfy). Finishing old business before moving on to new certainly makes sense, though not so easy in our contemporary multitasking climate. I definitely have trouble adhering to that standard, which I blame on my Gemini Sun sign (which is the true value of astrology to me – not that it’s “literally” so, but presents an opportunity to re-mythologize my life).

And thank you for your posting. Some COHO participants (including yours truly) tend towards excessive verbosity, but one doesn’t have to write a book to make a compelling point. The more who weigh in, the better – sometimes we’re not sure if anyone, other than a handful of semi-regulars, are paying attention, so your kind words are much appreciated.

Please feel free to poke around the forums and look at any threads that intrigue you. Conversations here do not move at the speed of social media – it can take a few days or longer to digest a post and formulate a response – but even those discussions that appear to have faded off are easily revived with the addition of a new voice and a fresh perspective. And if you are drawn to a subject you don’t see covered in any of our forums, definitely introduce it in a post of your own (generally, if a topic interests you, there are no doubt others who share that interest and would love a chance to weigh in).