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Reply To: Missteps as a Redemptive Path to Destiny,” with futurist Kristina Dryža”


Thank you for your lovely words James.

Our wounds often keep us bound and tied, frozen in one era of time and space, to help us discover who we really are. The immobilisation keeps us exactly where we must be to unearth our eternal presence, which lies underneath the caked-on mud that we’ve plastered around what is gold within us. Too often we keep mistaking ourselves as the mud.

The challenge when we’re lost in the forest is to treat ourselves like a newborn baby i.e. tenderly. We don’t get rid of our muddy wounds, instead we experience what they can reveal to us. We get curious about their purpose. We get moved by the soul’s impersonal wisdom. We get to know who we really are underneath all of our defences.

We don’t cure our wounds. They cure us. There’ll always be things that we don’t understand and aren’t yet – nor will ever be – in our realm of understanding. Struggling to understand what the mind can’t means that we’re always in an active fight. A continuously alive war, which exhausts us. We are guided by an invisible string. We all are. We must trust this and put our internal weapons down.

Life provides everything that’s required for the evolution of our spirit. And all evolution is, is love in action – Kristina.