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Reply To: Missteps as a Redemptive Path to Destiny,” with futurist Kristina Dryža”


This is very beautiful and poignant Kristina! So do not feel there is much I can add from my thoughts. (Or the usual chatter in my mind heh heh)

Think I wound off on some other tangents when responding to one of your other essays.

But here you have opened this raw but heart felt path and I know many can relate to this.

You started a ripple like a small pebble and with Stephen’s, James and Tom’s responses…yes.


The Resonance is here. I enjoyed reading all of these responses, which again reflect that poignant awareness. 🙏 Beautiful from everyone!

“we don’t cure our wounds. They cure us.”

This feels true…and sometimes one is glad of the scars (grief) though it’s hard to say at its rawest time *care* because sometimes the scars symbolize love and that we loved those who are gone and in reflection for me would have it no other way…if the “scars” were not there I would worry…but the tears and “arrr” heart clench and the smiles, which flicker in between help remind of what is best of being human and then one feels that spontaneous something, which has been there calling all along in the heart (as Parzival felt and realized by reaching out with the question)

For some, those five years of wandering can feel aimless and strange until something inside begins to awake. Or perhaps one wakes to what is already waiting to be noticed?

And then the trick is to find the light or rather feel the light again.

So thank you Kristina and thank you all for this Wake of Ripples (observed and shared with compassion and empathy…so needed now)