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Reply To: The River Erdman,” with Dr. Diane McGhee”


Thank you, Diane, for such elegant, rich, and detailed responses to my questions – so many thoughts come to mind! Like so many on creative quests, yours is not a linear “A leads to B leads to C” path, unfolding instead like, well, a dance!

I especially appreciate how, even when it seems you were diverted from following your bliss, you still discovered tools and experiences helpful to the path you ultimately followed (such as the anatomy and physiology studies on that medical technology track which served you well in the field of dance). Yours is also a wonderful example of how doors do open “where you would not have thought there would be doors,” to paraphrase Campbell.

Shifting focus to Jean Erdman, I am curious how her innovations were initially received – particularly her emphasis on story in dance, and willingness to move beyond a focus on “pure” dance to embrace other elements of the performing arts in her presentations. Did she face face much resistance and criticism after starting her own company?