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Reply To: The River Erdman,” with Dr. Diane McGhee”


Thank you Diane for your nice response to me as well!
Love that you have trained youngsters in Horton! I am sure it meant a lot to your students!

I remember being enraptured by the djembe style drums at Ailey. The live drumming in Horton classes! It was electrifying and elemental…loved it! Even a basic across the floor combo came alive with the beat of the drums.

I have the highest respect for Jean Erdman and now you Diane!

What you say in the quote below, I feel to be very true!
And I love how Jean opened up dance into story and as you said experimenting with movements to evoke the energy of the elements.
Last year when Nancy Allison presented a video celebration…I was thrilled to see the choreography of Hamadryad! Maybe those new Tolkien screen writers should take note dare they include dancing elves!
Even in the photos of Jean dancing she commands a presence and energy!

And here is your quote. THIS feels right: 🙂

Jean was not one to borrow another’s tradition. From my own experience, sometimes one is given permission to participate or perform various rituals or traditions. For Jean, the differences in various world styles and their unique aspects were as spectacular colors selected from the entire spectrum of colors of the world’s peoples. Erdman diligently studied how the beliefs and values of a people informed the movements choices made visible in a particular dance or style. Erdman’s inspirations were derived from the primordial origins and stylization of the elements, which she often connected to images that arrive from the collective unconscious.”

To me this represents a playful maturity and a deep inner wisdom…

(from both you and Jean) 🙂

something we need more of!

So thank you to both of you!