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Reply To: The King Who Saved Himself From Being Saved” with Bradley Olson, Ph.D.”

Tiago Alves

    Hi Stephen,
    I would like to apologize for asking a question, which may not be about the central subject of this topic. However, the research I did, on the Forum, brought me here.
    The question that brought me here is about the term “Hero’s Journey”. As you yourself pointed out, it is not used in “A Hero With A Thousand Faces”. I would like to know when it is incorporated into Campbell’s theory and started to be used to refer to the structure of the monomyth and in which Campbell’s work the term appears for the first time. Thanks to you and Bradley for the incredible discussion on The King Who Saved Himself From Being Saved, and the relationship of the archetypal heroic trajectory to current events that arise with the spirits of our times.