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Reply To: Changing Our Self-Perception As A Compassionate Deed,” with Kristina Dryža”


    Kristina. I love your thoughtful response and have been thinking about it a lot for the last several days. I’m wondering if you could share some of your thoughts about the role “Conflict” plays as a clarifier to what the psyche is working on under the surface within this interplay between the conscious and unconscious. From everything I’ve been reading from multiple sources this is where much of the “gold” lays hidden that can unite and heal many of our wounds if understood properly.

    Much of what I’ve read refers to holding the “tension” that results from the opposites pulling against each other and resides below the surface until a resolution of some sort; (such as a symbolic form of some kind), presents itself and a new way of seeing or looking at things helps one to move forward from whatever the issue or blockage that seems to have been that caused by this arrest.

    One form; but certainly not the only one; might be that of “enantiodromia” which is often cited as an example in Jungian theory. But throughout the human experience of existence “conflict” as a state is always present; and indeed, life itself as we know it could not exist without it. One can say this might be seen as “duality”, and that there many ways, such as the symbol of the Tao, that could be applied to this basic realization of “polarity” in which all matter as well as human perception could be applied. (Male-female, black-white, positive-negative, in-out, up-down, good-bad, etc., etc.) Put into a mythological perspective would seem to indicate other possibilities as well. (Joseph mentions “The War” between opposing sides that takes place within the psyche whenever a decision needs to be made as to which side has more influence.)

    And of course, in Jungian terms this could be interpreted as the psychic flow of energy with the libido as regulator; and the (transcendent function or “tertium non datur” that transcends opposites), as mediator that resolves the blockage so that the flow of psychic energy can resume because: “life itself cannot tolerate a “standstill”; and as Jung mentions: “We are always in a state of becoming”.

    I hope this query makes sense as I have been working on it for several days and it seems to pull or tie a lot of the previous threads together I was addressing and weave them into a single tapestry or concept. I would also be remiss if I did not mention what a joy it has been discussing these difficult topics with you, especially given you are so close to the horror Ukraine is going through. (This discussion has been a rare gift.) Namaste