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Reply To: When the Adventure is a Drag,” with Mark C.E. Peterson, Ph.D.”


I love this Mark! Transcendence buried in the mundane and grind of life. Or even hiding in plain sight! Just waiting to be noticed! This is really beautiful. And true!
I’ve put off cleaning ha ha sometimes. But then in the case of an attic, when I start clearing even a little, “treasure reveals itself to me.” Maybe not as strong a metaphor as the new floor/foundation of a relationship (love that by the way!) but something meaningful to me in its own way: a painting my Mom did of Roger Maris…a missing sun dial…or something else misplaced.
So in these ordinary mundane processes something extraordinary to each of us seems to be revealed?

And it seems right in alignment with the mythic themes of looking beyond surface appearances and not all is as appears! Sometimes, a little digging is required and sometimes the PAUSE is needed to realize oh my God! It’s been right in front of us all along!
The AHA! Hand to forehead.
And there is the treasure!

I think you are right about the disconnection, Mark. So well said in your response to Stephen above. Is the trick then to see the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary? Or to appreciate the simple things? To look deeper?
To go back to the relation of “Thou” instead of the mechanical “it?”
Who knows?
But what a lovely way of presenting treasure in the seeming ordinariness of life! Thank you Mark!