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Reply To: When the Adventure is a Drag,” with Mark C.E. Peterson, Ph.D.”


    Hello Mark, it’s so great to have you back with us. I have a quick question which you may or may not think applies here. It concerns an Eastern Daoism concept called: “Wu-Wei”; “of doing by not doing”; and I’m wondering if you see some kind of connection to this concept with your topic?

    To me this concept seems to speak to this situation of being in limbo as it were. There could be different forms of course such as being stuck; or being blocked by some kind of obstruction you may be working through, or even just plain homebound by the pandemic and trying to figure out what to do with yourself. But your sense of movement, whether by emotional or physical concerns has become severely restricted for whatever reason which may “produce” a tension, blockage, obstruction, or feeling of frustration you may have to confront that is for some reason or another been conjured from out of your unconscious.

    Now in some situations we could say we are being tested by some kind of “conflict”; which to me speaks to a very important Jungian concept concerning either depression or some kind of emotional polarity or blockage that must be resolved to move forward. (Note the term: “Axiom of Maria”); which I believe refers to what’s known as the “Transcendent Function” in relation to the “libido”.

    However, your topic may not actually be addressing that kind of emotional turmoil situation, hence part of the reason I’m asking my question. It just seemed to strike me as possibly relative because one’s movement has become all of a sudden restricted where one’s unconscious might want to come out and play, so to speak, and something long buried decides it wants to pay a visit and demands your attention asking to be heard or resolved, or at least given proper attention to listen to its’ message.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this if you feel it has any relevance to what you have been discussing. Again, a warm welcome back.