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Reply To: When the Adventure is a Drag,” with Mark C.E. Peterson, Ph.D.”


Let me add a quick reference to your previous points about uncovering something while: “rooting around in the attic of our psyche”; as you put it, and something gets triggered. Synchronicity and The Self, (not the ego), may become engaged as part of an overdue evolutionary process from one’s past that’s been triggered by something you “trip over”; (if that makes more sense). I came across a piece that goes into a longer explanation about Jung and this concept of Daoism which may or may not relate to what you are talking about. Plus, Stephen may have something to add here as well since he is much more versed in Eastern philosophies than I am. I’m mainly providing the link as a reference, not necessarily to be read through since you are busy and may already have thoughts on this anyway. But it is an Eastern, not Western concept, that seems to be part of the psyche’s evolutionary process toward wholeness if I’m understanding this concept correctly.

Sunbug, you may have thoughts to add on this as well. I’m just bringing this idea into the conversation since it’s something I’ve been curious about and seems relevant in some way to some things I’ve come across and might add a different dimension since Joseph was familiar with some of these ideas and cross-referenced a lot of mythological concepts. And this was certainly one of them he would know about. The “I-Ching” would be a perfect example many people might already be familiar with and would relate with a wider range of this kind of ancient Eastern cosmology. But I’m going to stop here and see if any of what I brought up rings a bell with anyone, (but) at the same time I don’t want to distract from Mark’s topic either.