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Reply To: The Song of the Sirens” with Mythologist Evans Lansing Smith, Ph.D.”


Evans and Robert, and All,

Thank you for sharing the whale song. In some shamanic traditions, the whale’s sound carries ancient records of knowledge of life (back to prehistoric) on earth. The frequencies of their sounds can tap into the mind of the Great Spirit to tell the secrets of the ages or else what you might want to know about yourself, since the whale medicine can teach us to also find our own sound and frequencies. What sounds do we humans share in common?: laughter, crying, yelling out…but we do not have our own whale song per say or we do not all have a howl, and while we do have a collection of music from music history, we do not have just one song that we all sing in uni-verse. If we did, I wonder what it would be? Would it be a piece by Beethoven or something by the Beatles or perhaps a blending of the two or of the entire reservoir?!

And thank you Evans and Robert and all who mention the belly of the whale where a challenge and rebirth takes place within what I see now as a sort of concert hall and echo chamber!

I once saw a whale  in the Pacific ocean while fishing with my dad in the Hawaiian seas. It was so beautiful to see it surface and dive.  It is so wonderful to see the “depths” surface in this way. That entire trip (vacation) was my initiation into my teenage years, my rite of passage. There were many spectacles, and so it was spectacular! Writers, artists, musicians, historians, shamans, any kind of record keepers such as dream keepers/journalists, etc. all love Whale. In a sense I can see where every totem animal carries its sound strongly or uniquely enough to lend us our ears to hear our own voices and our own calls and responses/answers, like the howl of the wolf or the hoot of the owl, yet Whale is specifically known to carry various frequencies to life as we know (or do not know) it.

~ Marianne