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Reply To: The Song of the Sirens” with Mythologist Evans Lansing Smith, Ph.D.”


Hi Everyone,

I am responding here to my own post about the shamanic/mystical attributions given to Whale, which was # 5118 and to Robert’s (R3’s) response post # 5040.

I mentioned that Whale is said to hold the records of life on this earth. Meanwhile, the ocean it lives in is often called the Ancient Mother of us all. So I responded again here just to post another “whale song” (or dolphin song?–dolphin is the breath, and the breath produces voice/song) I enjoy so much called “Ancient Mother” by Robert Gass. At the end of the song, there are also some whale (dolphin) song sounds. I have posted it before on the Facebook site I used to go to (I do prefer this forum!) and I might have posted it in this forum before too yet I do not recall whether I did so or not.


Enjoy, en/joy, in joy,