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Reply To: The Song of the Sirens” with Mythologist Evans Lansing Smith, Ph.D.”


Thank you, Marianne,

I like the way Lans answers my questions, which circles back to Joseph Campbell’s own rejection of the way of renunciation (leaving life behind and withdrawing from the mundane world in favor of navel-gazing –where the Siren’s song takes us when we hear it and pursue it exclusively).

. . . as opposed to Joe’s approach – drawing on Krishna’s revelation to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, Nietzsche’s amor fati, and the “bodhisattva formula” within Mahayana Buddhism – of “saying yea to life!” – and joyfully participating in this world of sorrows.

Seems the myth advises us one way to successfully navigate that passage is to lash oneself to the mast – the World Axis, or Still Point round which all revolves … which strikes me as a subtle thread tying together all these wonderful MythBlast essays from so many different authors.